Japanese Vintage Baseball Card
Checklist & Price Guide
Second Edition

by Gary Engel

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Over a hundred previously uncatalogued vintage sets

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Everything you want to know about Japanese baseball cards from 1929 through 1990.
All new expanded Menko and Bromide sections
Greatly enlarged Food/Candy/Gum Cards section
Updated pricing for all cards
Rookie years listed for all Hall of Fame and Meikyukai members

Scarcity Factors
Nearly every set has been given a scarcity factor. That way you will know how rare or common your cards are. These factors range from NS (not scarce) to R5 (five or fewer examples of each card in the set are known.).

Approximately 750 different sets are cataloged, with each card in each set individually listed by player name (first and last). Example photos (front and back) are shown for each set. Prices, listed for each card in every set, are based on actual sale and auction prices in the U.S. and Japan immediately prior to publication.

Cards Checklisted include menko, bromides, candy and gum cards, karuta, game cards, Yamakatsu, Takara, Calbee, etc., etc.

Written in English
This 234 page, 8 1/2" x 11" volume is the most comprehensive study of vintage Japanese baseball cards ever published in either the U.S. or Japan. Several additional background sections are included in addition to the card descriptions and prices. This information is valuable to both the beginner and advanced Japanese card collector. These sections include:

·  History of Japanese Baseball 
·  History of Japanese Baseball Cards 
·  Japan Hall of Fame Members 
·  How to read player names in Japanese

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